#2 Daniele MOLMENTI

The Canoe Slalom Podcast Episode 2 with Daniele MOLMENTI is up!

“After the race, at the party, I understand what competition means: you have the medal, you are the coolest, so I decide to have the medal” Daniele MOLMENTIItaly's Daniele Molmenti reacts after his men's kayak (K1) finals run at Lee Valley White Water Centre during the London 2012 Olympic Games reacts after his men's kayak (K1) finals run at Lee Valley White Water Centre during the London 2012 Olympic Games

Daniele is the 2012 Men’s Kayak Olympic champion in London. He won the World Champ in 2010 but as he said he won the rings before the Olympics: Asian, Pan American, European, Oceania… He only misses the African Championship… so beware African paddlers he may come back for that missing ring!
Daniele has now retired from his athlete career and is acting a Technical Director at the Italian Canoe Federation. He is also Athletes Representative at the Italian Olympic Committee. Outside of canoeing, (yes he can do that as well!!) he is the founder of a Winery Moment e Celot.
What struck me as we were discussing is that Daniele career is full of life changing meetings with athletes, coaches and others staff… Daniele has this ability not only to connect with people and make them feel important but also learn from them every step of the way: wether it be stumbling across Richard For after the 2006 World Champ in Prague, his astonishingly strong bond with Peter Kauzer, the Martikan’ boat challenge, David Ford, Helmut Oblinger, Campbell Walsh, Fionna Pennie and Jurg Gotz in Great Britain, or the Japanese acupuncture… he’s always been able to open his mind and learn from the best. It is to me the real strength of high achievers. He did know what his strengths were, but he knew he had to become a student of the sport after 2006 while he was left with no coach to build his own method.

If you want to know what it takes to become a true champion, Daniele gives you answers in the discussion: set a clear goal for yourself and work tirelessly towards it by being acutely aware of your strengths and by listening up to the best to improve your weaknesses!

Daniele talks also about how Judo helped him to build his attitude at a young age before Canoe slalom. How to make decision towards achieving your goal, his pre race routine, the importance of collecting datas in training to refine your training year after year and much more. Enjoy the podcast!

If you have enjoyed the Episode 2 you may want to listen to the Episode 1 with Peter Kauzer


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