#4 Jessica Fox

“I do believe in the power of writing that goal down and sticking it up on the wall, for me it’s powerful” Jessica Fox

Canoe Slalom - Olympics: Day 6

Jessica Fox (@jessfox94) is a franco-australian women racing for Australia, Penrith, New South Wales. She is double Olympic medallist (bronze in 2016 & Sliver in 2012), 19 times World Champion (single and team event) at only 24 year old. She competes in kayak and canoe. Jess is also a Redbull athlete and 2017 World Paddle Awards Sportwoman of the year.

Her parents are both mutliple canoe slalom World Champions and Olympians. Her mother raced for France and her father fro Great Britain.

In that in-depth discussion, more than the canoeing skills, we discuss the growing mindset that allows her to learn fast. Jessica is an amazing role model that ticks all the boxes of meta learning;  how to learn anything quickly.

In this very inspirational talk, we discuss how she’s learnt to regulate her emotions to ensure a quick turn around between event to ensure she remains focus on task.

Jess also talk about the responsibility of being an Olympian and what it represents.
You can her at http://jessicafox.mli.st/

Enjoy the podcast!

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