#5 Jean Cheutin

“Don’t fight against nature, understand it” Jean-Yves Cheutincheutin_podcast_cover copy


Jean-Yves is French and is the current Canoe Slalom Head Coach at the Russian Canoe Federation, a position is been holding since 2013. Before 2013, Jean-Yves was an Olympian in Men’s Kayak in Atlanta in 1996 and has coached in the French National Team from 2005 to 2012 in different positions as a class coach and later as the main coach of the training unit formed with Denis Gargaud-Chanut (Olympic Champion ) and Fabien Lefèvre (double Olympic medallist)

Jean-Yves has coached at 2 Olympics Games, in 2008 for France and in 2016 for Russia.

In this episode, we discuss the many challenges and learning he encountered to reach the ambitious goal of winning 3 medals with 2 athletes at the 2012 London Games.
We also speak about the different steps an athlete should go through to develop and become a high level performer and how it is important to develop skills, knowledge and ability to work with team in a useful time frame.
Finally, Jean-Yves presents part of his vision of the sport and what could be possible in the upcoming years if we were to collaborate better within the sport.

Jean-Yves is a deep thinker and therefore exposes ideas that could be challenging the statu-quo in a very thoughtful way.

Enjoy the Podcast with Jean-Yves Cheutin.

You may want to listen to Denis Gargaud-Chanut one of Jean-Yves Cheutin’s former athletes on the following episode:


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