#6 Ricarda Funk

“Success is not just all about winning and medals, it can be also just little things like… you have a smile on your face after your training session” Ricarda Funk


Ricarda Funk is a German Women Kayak athlete; she’s two times silver medallist at the World Champ (2017, 2015) and two times European Champion (2018, 2014). She’s also two times Overall World Cup Winner.

I was struck by the simplicity of her approach and the clarity of her progression in her career.
It’s all started for Ricarda on the River Rhine with her father, his brother and a good bunch of friends.
In that 60min discussion we spoke about her debut on the flatwater in a tough environment in winter and how it taught her resilience and positive mindset. She attributes her good fitness level and efficient forward to those years working hard with his dad on the basics.

Later, and thanks to his former coach Stefan Henze who tragically died in a car accident at the Rio Olympic Games in Rio, Ricarda discovered a totally new approach of training to canoeing. She could then fully used the body awareness she had learnt in her early years with dancing and making sense of it in canoe slalom. A new training philosophy was born for her.

Ricardo, as all great sport person, love her craft and that’s why she’s always happy to spend countless hours on the water.

Enjoy the discussion with Richard Funk.

If you liked the discussion with Ricarda Funk you may want to listen to Jessica Fox as well, one of the most successful female athlete in the world of canoe slalom

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