#7 Thomas Schmidt

” As soon as you start thinking, you’re behind schedule, because all happens in real time” Thomas Schmidt


Thomas Schmidt is the 2000 Men’s Kayak Olympic Champion in Sydney. He is German.

In the podcast, Thomas tells a very inspiring story. It’s amazing to think that he got Olympic Champion only a year after a complete shoulder surgery. His story is one of love of the sport, dedication to a goal and trusting a small team around him. From surgery in September 1999 to the top of the Olympe in September 2000, Thomas discusses the process that led him to victory.

We talk about how an efficient forward stroke can give you the edge, there is an interesting piece on perfection VS frustration in training, putting together a strategy focusing on the effective things towards the Games.

In a true german engineering style, Thomas tells us about the way he designed his dreamt boat with amazing technology.

As a course designer, Thomas shares the challenges of delivering a quality course on benchmark event such as the Olympic Games and how difficult it is to deal with various external pressure from athletes, coaches, judges and media.

Listen to that inspiring discussion, you will learn a fair bit!

If you have enjoyed listening to Thomas Schmidt, you may want to listen to another Olympic Champion in the same class, Daniele Molmenti


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