#8 Guillermo Diez Canedo

“I set up the environment to learn, we present the athletes a lot of tools and they have to choose which tools they want to use[…] I am a tool”. Guillermo DIEZ CANEDOguille-cover.jpg

Guillermo is Diez Canedo is Canoe Slalom the Head Coach at the Spanish Canoe Federation.
Guille raced for Spain at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing.

Guille is still a young coach but has stacked up quite a lot of experience in the sport working in various countries such as Spain, Italy and Brazil.
During those years, he’s kept learning his craft; Guille loves coaching and he’s been able, in a unique Head Coach position in Spain, to create his dreamt performance system based on decision making on and off water.

That discussion is a great insight in a true Head Coach position and how to create a performing team of staff and athletes; building a daily training environment where athletes are forced to make decision and learn by themselves; because for Guillermo, Canoe Slalom is not about technique but rather about decision making in an instant.

You may want to listen to Jean-Yves, the Head Coach at the Russian Federation


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